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Fleas and Ticks

Fleas can transmit Bubonic plague. Ticks can transport Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.


Altus, Altus AFB, and South West Oklahoma (SWOK)

Problems with Roaches:

Cockroaches are known to carry diseases like dysentery, typhoid and poliomyelitis, as well as gastroenteritis. Their living and eating environment contributes to their disease carrying capability. They can live in very unsanitary conditions and eat spoiled fermenting food and septic waste. Not only can people get sick from the many diseases cockroaches can carry, many people are also allergic to cockroach feces. Yes, the stuff most people are allergic to is cockroach poop! This can contribute to asthma and other health conditions.

Many people think if they remove the food source for cockroaches they will go away. This is very unlikely. Even if you could remove all the food sources in your home, cockroaches can live on many other sources of food found in places you can't clean. Cockroaches can often go weeks and months without food and water.

Even if you do not see cockroaches that does not mean they don't live in your home. Protective and preventive measures should be taken on a periodic basis.

Call the Exterminator - Paul Brown Pest Control, to reduce your risk of potential diseases and unsanitary conditions spread by cockroaches.

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