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Oklahoma Scorpion

Many of our first time customers are prompted to call because they found a scorpion on their carpet, in their closet, or even in their tub! If you have a tub mat, it is always good to look under it before getting into the tub! Scorpions are very common in the Altus and SWOK region. Their sting can be very painful and in some rare cases, a life threatening allergic reaction can occur. This is not something you want your children to find while playing on the living room floor. Scorpions are very hard to see, especially, if you have brown, tan, or cream color carpet or hard wood floors. Regular pest control treatments can reduce your risk.

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Termites Altus, Duke, Hollis, Tipton, Blair OK and Surrounding Areas

Contact Paul Brown Pest Control for licensed termite inspections and licensed termite control for Altus OK and surrounding areas.

(580) 471-8186

Termite information is for Southwest Oklahoma (SWOK) including Altus, Duke, Hollis, Mangum, Gould, Olustee, Blair, Elmer, Hobart, Elk City, Granite, Lone Wolf, Lugert, Tipton, Friendship, Warren, Headrick, Willow, Brinkman, Carter, Russell, Martha, Eldorado, Reed, Vinson, Altus AFB, and surrounding areas.

The Eastern subterranean termites are present throughout Altus, Duke, Hollis, Tipton, Blair, OK and surrounding areas. Eastern subterranean termites often damage structural timbers in buildings. Termite damage can result in expensive home repairs and lower real estate values. Using a termite treatment can protect your home and save you money from future problems to your home.

In buildings, termites feed on cellulose materials, such as wood fixtures, structural wood, cotton, paper, books and related products.

Termite damage to structural timbers and woodwork can be determined by a careful inspection of the building by a licensed professional.

Termites live in colonies as they are social insects. They have 3 primary castes: workers, soldiers, and the reproductives (kings, queens, and secondaries). Termite workers have a creamy white color, feed on the wood and cause the damage. They can live up to 5 years. Termite soldiers have elongated yellowish heads with large jaws and are dependent on the termite workers to feed them. Whenever the colony is invaded the termite soldiers will use their jaws to defend the breach. The termite kings and queens have two pairs of translucent wings of equal length, which break off shortly after swarming.

Winged termites are often confused with winged ants. For this reason, it is necessary to know the differences between winged termites and winged ants. The easiest way to distinguish between the two groups is to consult with a licensed termite inspector.

Don't wait until you see termite damage, normally by then the damage is extensive and can costs hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair.

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